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Today’s’ fast-paced life, hectic work schedules and less time for household chores can sometimes lead to mishaps if proper care is not taken. Safeguarding against the hazards LPG gas proves very important in every household. Technology and little awareness can avoid most of the kitchen mishaps resulting from gas leakage or other similar gas related problems. GasSafe India Ltd. beholds the same view and endeavours to safeguard lives of those who use LPG gas through its innovative fire safety devices.

GasSafe India Ltd supported by professional technocrats is an upcoming and fast-growing company from Pune. The company aspires and has been manufacturing high quality fire safety devices like gas safe units and gas stoves used for domestic LPG connections all over India, Africa and Middle East. These technically coherent devices are equipped with automatic gas leakage detection capacity which further cuts off gas supply and flame ensuring utmost safety of customers.

Why GasSafe India

  • First Indian Company With UL Listed Certification as per USA and Canadian standards.
  • An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company Offering Internationally Acclaimed & Recognized Technology
  • India’s First Gas Stove With Flame Failure Cut Off Technology
  • GasSafe Is Being Used By More Than 1000000 Households All Over India, Africa And Middle East
  • Gassafe Follows Stringent Manufacturing Practices And Ensures 100% Guaranteed Home Safe Products
  • Wide Range Of Eye-Catching & Completely Safe Glass Top Gas Stoves
  • Cook Safe With Gassafe No More Gas Leakage
  • No Flame No Gas Supply No More Accidents

The company’s vision is to outline strategic plans to introduce a range of products that promise to revolutionize both Indian and international markets. GasSafe India Ltd. with the support of its highly qualified team of engineers has developed innovative products for the vast LPG market.

GasSafe is the outcome of meticulous research and several years of testing by international scientists. The company has introduced instruments that prevent gas leakage which is the cause for most of the fatal accidents. We all know that the extinguishing of a gas stove burner causes the leakage of gas and the gas being heavier it gets accumulated in the room. When someone happens to switch on the light or scratch match sticks can cause an enormous explosion. GasSafe India Ltd. has developed a unique gas stove product with Flame Failure Cut Off Device. This fire failure device would switch off the LPG supply if there is no flame on the burner.

The company following stringent manufacturing practices has major expansion plans into LPG related sectors through its strong and capable R& D team of engineers. The company also aims at introducing innovative kitchen security solutions for households. We aim at creating safety awareness in domestic LPG users and provide high quality products.

Apart from developing production capacity for natural gas pipe line products and introducing kitchen appliances, GasSafe also aims at manufacturing solar systems and energy saving products in near future.

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