Product Installation

Gas Safe India offers one of the most innovative and efficient fire failure devices that can save you from any kind of accidents caused due to LPG gas leakage. GasSafe is an effective fire safety device evolved out of the vigorous research and development that has revolutionised the industry. The efforts of company’s R&D team have improvised it to ensure quality so as to suit households in India, Africa and Middle East and other parts of the world as well. GasSafe is easy to install and maintain.

How to install GasSafe at your home?

  1. Remove regulator from the LPG cylinder
  2. Fix GasSafe device on the LPG cylinder
  3. Once the gas safe is fixed, fix the regulator on the GasSafe device
  4. Press down the gassafe gauge, dial a few times till the needle of gauge rises.

You need to make sure that the needle of gauge rises, as the needle indicates that if there is any gas leakage. This fire failure device makes your family and home safe. With such an amazing fire safety device you can ensure the safety of your family. So, be safe with gas safe.

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